In the Spirit of the Most High

The Goddess of Spiritual Rap

Lakshmi Symone Rae is a professional Model, Actress & *New* Music Artist  from Indianapolis, Indiana with a goal to raise the vibration of humanity through music.     Following a spiritual awakening during the pandemic of 2020, Lakshmi has be lead to take her career in the direction of awakening others by sharing her light.  

Utilizing binaural beats and new age visuals she  has ascended to the music scene sharing positive messages and promoting enlightenment and manifestation by example.  Her music incorporates spiritual truths with her love for drill rap in a way that is fresh and unique.  

Her first year in the industry was calculated with the release of several singles and a plethora of live performances around Indy, cumulating in a full EP of spiritual manifestation affirmations celebrating the rise of the divine feminine in the new age of Aquarius. 

She is definitely going up to the high places with inspiration from the realm of the divine so if you wanna rise with the vibes enter the merkaba and let’s ride!  Check out the EP, Talk Pretty To Me on all of the major platforms and join her mailing list to keep informed of her upcoming performances.